Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Other Side of Truth Summary

The story starts in Nigeria, with the demise of Femi and Sade’s mother. She was slaughtered byagents of the degenerate government, the â€Å"Brass Buttons†, to constrain Folarin Solaja, thechildren’s father, to quit composing for Speak , an uncensored paper. The youngsters thenhave to escape the nation, where they are undependable. Their Uncle Tunde masterminds themto be snuck to London, where their Uncle Dele lives, with Mrs Bankole. Their fathershould then go along with them there.However, rather than finding the sought after wellbeing, they areabandoned by Mrs Bankole in London, a peculiar city they know nothingabout. At the point when they are found by the police, they are placed into the consideration of Mrs Graham. Theymeet Jenny, Mama Appiah and Mr. Nathan, who attempt their best to help them by gettingthe kids briefly conceded in England, and by finding another temporary family forthem: Gracie and Roy King. Sade needed to mislead authorities about their n ame in order to no gether father into inconvenience, and the generosity showed by the grown-ups causes her to feel guiltyabout her lies.She is additionally dismal about Femi’s sulliness, and feels pining to go home. Matters don’t enhance her first day in her new school; she feels lost in the Englisheducation framework, substantially less cruel and requesting with understudies than in Nigeria. Eventhough she discovers companionship and understandingwithMariam, a kindred displaced person, and MrMorris, the English educator, she begins getting harassed by Marcia, and her posse. She isforced to take a lighter for them, for instance, in Mariam’s uncle’s store, somethingthat she feels extremely regretful about.She begins fearing going to class, as she doesn’tknow how to manage menaces. At some point, Mama Appiah shows up at the house with uplifting news: she has discovered the children’sfather, who figured out how to get into England on account of a bogus identification. Be that as it may, he was puttaken to a Detention Center since he didn’t request political refuge, since he was soworried about his kids. The Nigerian Police at that point declare that he is needed for themurder of his better half. Urgent, Sade and Femi choose to attempt to meet a TV journalist.

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