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Analytical Project Southwest Airlines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Analytical Project Southwest Airlines - Essay Example The industry facilitates world trade, tourism, international investment, economic growth. It is also a centre of the globalization that is taking place in many of the industries. In the past decades, worldwide, travelling has been taken place for both leisure and business. Therefore, per year air travel has grown by 7%. Approximately, about 1.5 billion people are travelling through airlines worldwide (The Airline Industry, 2000). Type of business: The airline is considered to be the tertiary industry that offers its services to all the people, directly or indirectly. When tourism is promoted in the country, it is the airlines that improves the economy and in turn affect every member of the society (Southwest, 2011). Form the airlines industry, the paper discusses Southwest airlines in detail. Size: The total number of employees in the southwest airline is about 3500. In the year 2010, their net income was $ 459 million. Moreover, excluding the special items, their net income turns ou t as $550 million. Throughout the year on the airline, a total of 88 million people have travelled. The statistics report of 2010 shows that their operating revenue of the year 2010 was $12.1 billion (Southwest, 2011). Service provided: Southwest airline is considered as the United States’ most successful high frequency, low fare, and point to point carrier. Every day they offer more than 34000 flights coast to coast. This makes it one of the largest domestic passenger airlines of the states (Southwest, 2011). Market served: Southwest airline is the domestic airline; it flies to 37 states; 72 cities. They serve these cities by using 548 Boeing and 737 jets (Southwest, 2011). Summary of SWA’s Strategy Mission: The mission of Southwest Airline is â€Å"dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.† The mission of the company is to provide their customer with the best qual ity that will force them to return to them more than once (Southwest Airlines, 2011). Organizational objectives: The objectives of the company are to efficiently deliver the basic services (Southwest Airlines, 2011). To achieve this goal they have divided this objective into a number of fundamental objectives. They want to provide their customers with safe, low price transportation with maximum convenience. Overall HR strategy: The HR strategy of the company is â€Å"recognizing that our people are the competitive advantage, we deliver the resources and services to prepare our people to be winners, to support the growth and profitability of the company, while preserving the values and special culture of Southwest Airlines† (Buller, 2006). Being a great place to work, the airlines is selective in hiring and looks out for the best employees that can satisfy the needs and wants of the company as well as the customers. Key strategies: The key strategy of the company includes bein g cost effective, so that they can capture greater number of customers. They are also specialized in short-haul flights to their customers. They tend to give their customers the best services in return of the price they pay. This strategy is considered to be their core strategy (Southwest

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