Sunday, February 16, 2020

Discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people Essay

Discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people. Explain the possible problem that you may encounter in selecting the wrong person for the job - Essay Example And in spite of the considerable expansion of the indirect sale, supported by the fast and phenomenal development of new technologies, the direct sale remains a privileged tool in the global sales process. Nevertheless, it is will be assigned here that even the sale is done by direct or indirect way; the salesman plays a major role in this process that we will try to highlight along this paper. In an intuitive way, we can say that â€Å"it is somebody who succeeds in convincing a customer to buy his product or his service at his price and his conditions†. We will be able to discourse a long time on the subject, but the real fact is that the salesman is currently engaged in order to achieve this objective and to improve the results continually (Doney and Canon 1997). Thus, the real mission of salesman is to accomplish a work with innovation, motivation and high confidence. Doney and Canon (1997) state that, more and more people beginning their sales career adopt an attitude which is harmful for themselves with respect to their work. They identified a series of reasons that lead to this kind of behaviors. Among those reasons they mentioned the lack of confidence in a product, the difficulty in making a final choice by the absence of priority sense, etc. More emotive reasons like personal rejection or fidelity towards their current supplier are also present and they are often among the most difficult to counter to. The internal conflicts at the various stages of intervention in large organizations are omnipresent and constitute serious problems but not insurmountable obstacles for salespeople (Forsyth 1980). We must remember here that in 67 % of the cases, the first objection of the customer is not "the true objection" and that the sale starts when the customer says "not". We wish to warn against the reflexes of defense which come with the rejection and which tend to

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