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Bata Proposal

Proposal For The Student Internship Report Semester: Fall 2012 Title of the Report: Automation and Update of the Employee Profile in BATA Shoe Co. (BD) Ltd. Rationale for Selecting the Report: I am Doing my internship in BATA shoe Co. (BD) Ltd. and currently working in the department of Human Resource Management. As BATA is a production based company and the company has to deal with man power frequently and in a huge amount. And for managing this huge man power HRD plays a huge role. And one of the biggest company in our country and in the world they are practicing Human resource Management for a long time.As they are practicing it for a long time now, previously they were doing the operations of HR in manual way but by time they got into Automation. They were keeping the data into HRIS software for a long now but in the old HRIS software many fields were missing and now they have decided to develop new HRIS software and add some new fields to it which is very important for the organ ization. By this new software they will get fully updated HRIS software with new information about all the employees, so that they will e able to use it whenever they need.And now I am helping the HR department of BATA to update the employee profile by assisting them to fill up the employee information field and collect the up-to-date information about all the employees of the organization. And giving input into the software. I think this will help me understand the process how HRIS of BATA shoe Co. (BD) Ltd. Works and how it will help the organization as well as the department of HR. it is to see how they manage the personnel through this HRIS software. Background of BATA Shoe: Bata Ltd. is a privately owned global shoe manufacturer and retailer headquartered in Ontario, Canada.The company is led by a third generation of the Bata family. With An operation in 68 countries, Bata is organized into four business units. Bata Canada, based In Toronto, serves the Canadian market with 250 stores. Based in Paris, Bata Europe Serves the European market with 500 stores. With supervision located in Singapore, Bata International boasts 3,000 stores to serve markets in Africa, the Pacific, and Asia, Finally, Bata Latin America, operating out of Mexico City, sells footwear throughout Latin America. All told, Bata owns more than 4,700 retail stores and 46 production facilities.Total employment for the company exceeds 50,000. 1894: The Bata family establishes a company in Zlin, located in what is now the Czech Republic. 1932: Founder Tomas Bata dies in an airplane accident. 1939: The Company relocates to Canada after the movement of German military forces Into Eastern Europe. 1945: Czechoslovakia business operations are nationalized by the new communist Government following World War II. 1991: Bata returns to the Czech Republic following fall of the communist regime. 1994: Thomas J. Bata, the son of the company's founder, retires. 1962: Started in Bangladesh 2001: Thomas J. B ata, Jr. becomes chairman and CEO. Bata Bangladesh is affiliated to the Bata Shoe Organization, the world's largest footwear Manufacturing and marketing organization.Started operation in Bangladesh in 1962, Incorporation in Bangladesh in 1972. Currently, Bata Bangladesh operates 2 manufacturing plant Tongi and Dhamrai, Bata Bangladesh is producing around 110,000 pairs of shoes daily. It has a modern tannery With the latest technological facilities to process 5 million square feet of leather yearly. Objectives: General Objectives: The general objective of the internship report is to learn how the HRIS works in the BATA Shoe Co. BD) Ltd. and the organizational behavior how the corporate culture works in the organization. I can also compare the practical and theoretical knowledge of Human Resource Management and HRIS. Specific Objectives: †¢It will help me to complete my undergraduate program †¢I will be able to know the HR process of BATA †¢It will also be useful for me to understand about the HRIS in BATA. Submitted By: Name of the Student (Intern): Fahmi Rahmat Nawaz ID No# 09-14444-2 Major: Human Resource Management (HRM) Date: 07-11-2012 Action by the Supervisor: Approved: Disapproved: Approved With Revision:

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