Monday, August 26, 2019

The falls care pathway within the Ambulance service Essay

The falls care pathway within the Ambulance service - Essay Example A copy of the patient report form is left with the patient with a non transport form. Patients referred must be over 18 years of age, referred after a trip or fall Patients who cannot be referred are under 18, under effects of alcohol or drugs, acutely ill with psychiatric problems and maternity patients. The falls team prevents unnecessary admission, provides fast multi professional assessments and the provision of enabling care, focus on rehabilitation and return to previous level of independence, provides full generic urgent multi disciplinary assessment and treatment, refers to appropriate health and social care professionals, manages bowel and catheter problems, supports patients with uti, chest infections, copd and diabetes, and provides palliative care. The importance of our chosen pathway: Emergency medical services include both hospital and non hospital services. They are a very important part of any health system. Emergency medical services are essentially very important fo r most health authorities in countries where morbidity and mortality rate due to injury is high. F alls present a huge problem for the health and independence of older people. Having a fall as one ages is not evitable, however the associated mortality and morbidity from a fall is high. Individual consequences range from distress, pain, physical injury and loss of confidence to complete loss of independence. There are many strategies for those who have already had a fall or fracture. The falls care pathway within the Ambulance service makes a very significant impact on the number of people who have become victims of the attack. The falls care pathway that I have chosen is very beneficial and fruitful for the injured people by falls. The scheme is beneficial for both patients and those in need of ambulance. This is why we have chosen this particular pathway. Under this pathway it is assumed that patients who have become victims of fall injury are likely to become fall victims again. T his immensely increases the risk of their injury, and gives them broken bones and reduced quality of life. Additionally the health care falls prevention team analyses the needs of fallers in our pathway. They are well directed and provides them with additional support and equipment so that their risk of falling down again is minimized. Our pathway will ensure that the best possible service is provided to patients who are suffering from injuries. The pathway that we have chosen is beneficial because it involves engaging people in targeted and evidence based prevention ; management programmes that improves their overall fitness, health and ability to comply with medical regimes. It will provide them with the opportunity to live a life with high confidence and free from disability; the working environment is conducive to team work and beneficial for it. (ICPUS ) The issues that we encountered: The issues that we encountered: This is an emergency based work in which we have to be on our toes at all time. There I a different care every other day. For instance we encountered a case related to Maria who is a 73 year old woman working in a factory ; and she came to the attention of the health service in October 2001. During the last two years she has experienced memory troubles and behavioral changes, resulting in loss of self-determination in her daily life (CIRS severity: 2.6/5; CIRS co-morbidity: 5/13; MMSE: 14/30; Cornell scale: 19/38; NPI: 69/144).Maria has severe problems with mobility that led to falls and accidents and she couldmt

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