Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Business Report about Olympic Games 2012 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business Report about Olympic Games 2012 - Essay Example There are six strategies that one can employ to market their company at little to no cost. Marketing a business via press release is a method that has been around for quite some time and still continues to be the method of choice. Because businesses will have to do a great deal with public relations, as they work with and serve the public interest, press releases are just one more way to keep the public engaged, so they will be more than likely to seek out the products and services that businesses offer. Press releases can be used to market the opening of a company. They can also be used to promote new products or services. If a company is sponsoring a special event, such as that of the Olympic Games, a press release can also be used to announce this, so people will not only attend the event but will possibly become customers for many years to come. While press releases are wonderful for getting word out about the business with very little effort at all, there are a few rules that need to be followed, should this particular method be utilized. An article titled, "Still th e One, Crafting the Perfect Press release," sheds some insight into what they are. First of all, press releases need to be concise. They must not contain a bunch of useless rhetoric. Should press releases not be concise, the attention of their audiences will be lost, thus making them ineffective and a useless waste of time. Secondly, press releases must communicate real news. They should not talk about things that are of no real concern. The news that is being communicated has to be something that is really going to affect the audiences. Finally, when constructing press releases, the inverted pyramid method needs to be used. This method is to start out small by engaging the readers, build up larger and larger throughout the press release, and then give a call to action at the end, meaning that this is the largest point of all that needs to be made. Something else to remember is that press releases should not be overdone, meaning being released much too often, or it will detract from the overall reputation of the business. Should a business release press releases too often, their audiences

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