Thursday, July 25, 2019

Data Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Data Analysis - Assignment Example Using the Sharpe ratio, the mutual funds for FLCSX are still the best when comparing the risk and return for the investment. JFMAX is the stock that has been greatly diversified. This is because it sells in many countries in different countries. That will ensure that the risk of loss is reduced because it will be subject to a few issues and hence it will have a high probability of doing good as compared to the other investments. Beta is a measure of the volatility of an investment towards market forces. That measures the rate at which an investment is affected by changes in the market. An investment that has a beta greater than one is very volatile to market forces and it is affected highly by market forces. That ,means that they are relatively risky and usually associated with high risk and returns. For investments that have a bet lower than one, they are less risk and also associated with lower rates of returns. From the 1990’s, china has become a huge player in the industrial area. This is because the country has emerged as a super power in business. The country has been giving stiff competition to the prior year super powers that included the united states. That made the country a super power in businesses. The other thing that made china develop tremendously was its ability to come up with new products that could be sold in different countries at a lower cost. China also took advantage of FDI. FDI is a system whereby a country or business relocates to regions where there is availability of low cost goods or labor. That ensures that the cost to the company are low and the company is able to supply the products to the target market. That means that the availability of cheap labor and raw products will make the supply and production of goods relatively cheaper. China also takes advantage of the countries whereby there is a huge target market. In that case, the target market becomes l arge and it is able to make more profits as compared to

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