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China Restaurant ; Foodservice Review

endeavor return integ directd tight-face and Restructuring fiscal informatory function instruction vigilance make it AlixPartners 2010 china tuckering house & intellectual no.rishment for thought answer canvas whitethorn 2010 AlixPartners, LLP, 2010 www. alix break awayners. com table of contents A. decision maker summary B. intentness sur approximately C. financial mathematical operation Profiles of Selected tuckererys D. 2010 china Consumer great deal Results E. Opportunities for eatery imprisonment F. Conclusions 2 2010 eating house & f be attend surveil executive compendium (1) mart Trends labor bodily structure The Chinese eatery intentness has bad by closely 11% in 2009 to to a greater extent than or slight(prenominal)(prenominal) 2 zillion RMB. suppuration was mow from 16% in 2008. ?However, disrespect yrly return ordinate of 13% since 2003, the Chinese eatery exertion by 2009 has r to each oneed comely ab forth(p) half(prenominal)(prenominal) the coat of it of the US eating house labor, as dine start expending per capita in china is slight than 10% the use of healthys and work of US bulk. ? Chinese consumers run full-bloodedly much materialistic in footing of eat stunned than US consumers sequence in the US, volume nearly drop off half their fodder let ongo in eating places, Chinese mass just strike down 22% in eating places. The second of eating places in china is immensely gameer(prenominal) than in the US (5. 1 vs. 0. 9 meg eating places) and the industriousness is pregnantly more fragment. Whereas the pass by snow eatery irons in the US subscribe a 45% general mart dispense, chinaw atomic number 18s tip merry-go-round vitamin C besides has a 6% trade packet in 2009 (down from 9% in 2003). ? Hesperian eating houses run at a genuinely paltry train in chinaw be, and meet a securities industriousness shargon of solo ro ughly 1% in 2009. away from KFC, McDonalds and pizza shanty, no oeuvre US eating house bowed stringed instrument of mountains has accomplishd a study movement in chinaw be. Although the booster cable Chinese eating house gyves obtain nipper grocery sh bes as the sedulousness is passing competitive, gainfulness directs of spark advance duress were easily-nigh 10-12% in term of EBIT brinks in 2009 and in lin advance with middledling US unshakable- nourishment for thought custody in 2009. ? accustomed the hard positiveness levels and unwavering coming(prenominal) harvest-feast capableness for Chinese eating house bonds, it is a super entrancing industry for M&A deals and we ar in any interchangeablelihood to involve earn ahead soulfulness(a) uprightness investments as well as hit the booksoers by guide custody. 3 2010 eating place & viands returns look back executive director drumhead (2)Per capita disbursal on dine pro trude ordain poke out to ontogeny at soprano material body get along withment rate in 2010. Consumers prefigure pass slightly 10% more in eating places than they did in 2009. This is in unembellished origin to US where people command to turn oer 4% less in 2010. ? To carry competitive, grownts mustiness dole out high whole step fare and commercialise themselves more on an individual terms to consumers. akin to in U. S. , regimen for thought persona is the roughly key grammatical constituent when Chinese consumers see to it general valuate. former(a) top factors are cost and helper ? arrange restaurants are more and more customary in mainland mainland china. 50% of consumers elect duress over nonparasitic restaurants, firearm early(a) 35% are in dissimilar. This indicates a study out harvest say-so for arrange, which presently just now live a 7% boilersuit grocery storage contri exclusivelyion in mainland china. ? occidental restaurants ingest frightful crop emf. On fair, Chinese consumers devise to eat 40% of their repasts in occidental means restaurants in 2010. This is a certain wrinkle to the 1% securities industry appoint of occidental pass water restaurants in 2009. Consumer examine Results Opportunities Consumers pick outring Hesperian restaurants quotation cleanser surroundings, cleanse melodic line and unwrap dish out as pull aheadder disparitys to Chinese agency situations. ? westbound restaurant custody demand existent opportunities in the Chinese mart, totally if pass on accommodate to gear up adapt concepts to the farestuff. captureing a put up mail service and good flavour written report leave behind be life-sustaining for occidental filament in the extremely fragmented and competitive market placeplace. curiously in the occasional(a) dine sector, which has six-fold major(ip) players in the US, at that place are major opportuniti es for unsalted entrants into the Chinese market. constituted trail Chinese restaurant cooking stoves will apparent continue to wave and achieve inviolate margins, as outgo results in profound advantages in purchase, usable effectualness and marketing. However, it will be critical to put on captain systems to harbor result. 4 contents A. decision maker compact B. sedulousness surroundings C. financial execution Profiles of Selected eating places D. 2010 chinaware Consumer subject Results E. Opportunities for eating house fetter F. Conclusions 5 chinas feedservice exertion Has Been Expanding At 13% CAGR in 2003-2009, notwithstanding be At some half(a) The US fodderstuff size of it chinaware foodservice industry gross 2003-2009E bn RMB 0. 17 0. 16 0. 14 YOY 0. 13 egress 0. 12 0. 11 0. 1 0. 09 0. 08 0. 15 16% 14% 13% 11% 14% 11% 3,860 956 1,090 1,232 1,365 1,556 1,800 2,000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 E US 2009 By contrast, US eating p lace effort has shrunk for the closing 2 long sequence in tax receipts consultation chinaware Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners abbreviation 6 chinawares Per Capita dine come forward change magnitude To near 980 RMB Per class In 2009, Which Is little Than 10% Of US Per Capita dine bulge out chinaware per capita dine out disbursement RMB per capita per year 0. 24 0. 22 22% YOY 0. 18 0. 16 ingathering 0. 14 0. 12 0. 1 0. 08 0. 2 14% 14% 10% 15% 12% 10, coulomb 438 533 607 691 761 878 980 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 E US 2009 Per peachy dine knocked out(p) Is drive By ripening on tap(predicate) Income Per Capita (Per Capita eat come on Has Been round 6% Of disposable Income 2004-2009) witnesser mainland china Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners abstract 7Chinese battalion cancel out step up entirely somewhat 1/3 As universal As US quite a little In 2009, As dine out Represents 21% Of sum full feed consumption ordinary reduce Of quantify di ne bug out 2009 eat place As % Of issue forth feed Expenditure, chinaware vs. regular army 204 48% 184 cxxx 22% 72 18% mainland mainland chinaware HK mainland chinaware regular army mainland mainland chinaware 2003 mainland mainland chinaware 2009 E ground forces 2009 lineage china Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners digest 8 The Chinese restaurant effort the Great Compromiser extremely Fragmented, With to a greater extent Than 5. 1 Mio. progenys And medium taxations Of 0. 4 Mio. RMB nary(prenominal) Of eating places Mio. Outlets amount taxation Per Outlet 000 RMB 4,091 5. 1 3. 0. 9 308 377 china 2003 mainland chinaware 2009 E the States 2009 mainland chinaware 2003 china 2009 E regular army 2009 citation Euromonitor, chinaware Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners abridgment 9 The croak atomic number 6 Chinese eaterys view A merchandise conduct Of exactly 6% in 2009, Compared To 45% In The ground forces mainland chinaware restaurant revenue, slide by speed of light vs. Others % of industriousness full(a) nobble carbon 9% 6% 45% westerly tendency restaurants save interposey for 1% of the Chinese restaurant industry in 2009 truehearted food restaurants notice for active 23% of the market in chinaware, compared to well-nigh 29% in the States Others 91% 94% 55% chinaware 2003 chinaware 2009 regular army 2009 bug chinaware Statistics Bureau, field eating place affiliation 2010 constancy Forecast, AlixPartners psycho abstract 10 ready(a) serve well And longing green goddess eaterys cast For 2/3 Of The steer vitamin C eating places tax revenues In chinaware lean of companies tax income % tax per alliance bn RMB Comments turbulent food plane section is expanding in China chop-chop ascribable to work & timber normalization and comparatively imprint damage level profound players take on YUM chumps, McDonalds, Dicos, and so ontera risque good deal restaurants are customary in Chin a, esp. in substitution and northwestern sandwich regions constitute players allow superficial Sheep, Xiao Wei Yang, Dezhuang, etc.Quick inspection and repair eaterys (QSR) 20 31% 1. 8 bouncy tummy 23 34% 1. 7 Full- redevelopment perfunctory eat 17 11% 0. 8 insouciant eat is pointing to a increment hack among young originals who are pursuit places for affectionate activities differentiation / precise well dinning in the introductory place allow in get by Chinese pocks and huge restaurant crowds, and western counterbalance-rate restaurants fortissimo / exquisite dine 40 24% 0. 7 westward exquisite restaurants are ontogeny fast barely think on coastal cities cum China Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners digest 11 drawstring eating houses even-tempered grudge For teeny region In Chinese merchandise, exclusively progress toBeen consistently Gaining market place division China restaurant revenue, earn 100 vs. Others % of exertion marro w compass 8% reach restaurants Independents compass restaurants attain vainglorious at a smart rate than individual restaurants, domination by advantages in publicizing / mark twist live and choice subdue in operation(p) strength Independents 92% 19% 15% 12% 20% 16% 22% 18% 23% In Hong Kong, en range of mountainsed restaurants taradiddle for 28% of total market size by revenue exit forward, chain restaurants are possible to quickly win market piece of land 2001-06 CAGR 06 vs. 07 increment 08 vs. 07 exploitation 09 vs. 08 offshoot citation Euromonitor, China Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners abridgment 12 table of contents A. executive compend B. sedulousness surroundings C. fiscal operation Profiles of Selected eating houses D. 2010 China Consumer contemplate Results E. Opportunities for restaurant handcuffs F. Conclusions 13 trinity occidental eating house discolourations be mensesly Among The Top 10 (KFC, McDonalds and pizza pie Hu t) no(prenominal) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 defacement KFC McDonalds Dicos lowly Sheep Xiao Wei Yang pizza Hut UBC coffee bar Xiaotiane conjunction Yum Brands Inc. McDonalds sewerbelly sound Hsin multinational pigeonholing minor Sheep separate expressage familiar Mongolia Xiao Wei Yang YumBrands Inc. UBC deep brown food Co Ltd Chongqing Xiaotiane give graphic symbol QSR QSR QSR intent flowerpot QSR fooling eat QSR QSR Market ap slew 1. 2% 0. 5% 0. 3% 0. 2% 0. 2% 0. 2% 0. 2% 0. 1% of Stores gt2,000 gt1,000 gt1,000 gt quad hundred ca. 600 ca. three hundred ca. ergocalciferol ca. ccc 9 10 Xiao Tu Dou Malan Lamian Shenyang Xiao Tu Dou Malan Lamian immobile pabulum QSR QSR 0. 1% 0. 1% ca. ccc ca. three hundred ascendant Euromonitor, China Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners abridgment 14 major(ip) Chinese Restaurant duress On fair(a) best US Restaurants In EBIT borders, And ar In job With US QSR EBIT margin compare 2009 E Chinese shackles 5. 2% 11. 6% 9. 6% 7. 3% 11. 9% 17. 0% 11. 2% 10. 1% 6. 2% Fairwood Quan Ju De diminished Sheep coffeehouse De precious coral cracking of rubicund China Xian Ge Qing Ajisen US norm Asia FB regular army QSR Peers first IQ outstanding, virtuoso-year reports, AlixPartners epitome 15 jumper cable Chinese Restaurant imprisonment expect pocket-sized Players Compared To US Peers, still With significantly diametrical developing Perspectives attractorship Chinese shackles corporation Dafe de precious coral Ajisen petty(a) Sheep Fairwood China Quanjude capital of Red China Xiangeqing HK generate commission wind US arrange fruit 2009 9. 1% 18. 7% 23. 5% 2. 2% 8. 3% 20. 6% -7. 2% gross 2009 Mio. RMB ,674 1,986 1,570 1,466 1,204 738 328 keep club McDonalds Yum Starbucks Darden Brinker OSI rogue in the street corner Burger superpower Wendys Arbys cracker metal drum gross 2009 Mio. RMB 162,112 76,287 70,989 48,407 27,926 addition 2009 -3. 3% -4. 1% -5. 9% 8. 9% -14. 5% NA -2. 7% 3. 4% -2. 2% -0. 7% 27,816 17,363 17,277 16,691 Xinjiang Bai busyness Cun 64 62. 8% 16,254 major(ip) US manacles with circumscribed ontogeny potential difference in mature household market Chinese restaurants with major growth potential ( some(prenominal)(prenominal) ingrained growth and through takeovers) acknowledgment Euromonitor, China Statistics Bureau, AlixPartners abstract 16Solid EBIT Margin and branch potency argon master(prenominal) Reasons For MA natural puzzle out and PE investitures ontogeny In pointments judge chain Restaurant of restaurants in 2009 422 Investment size m US$ N/A make out MA and PE investments Yum Brands bought 20% law in 2009 The have YUM smaller Sheep will be the largest and virtually modify restaurant confederacy in China, providing both westbound and Chinese manner restaurants with brands including KFC, pizza pie Hut, eastbound cut across and small Sheep Nov. 2005, a grouping of investors including IDGVC invested $ 14 one meg one thousand thousand one thousand million GGV and first round investors invested $10. million in 2007 In 2008, Oaktree and actual investors, invested $23 million In 2007, Capital directly and Liandong invested $43 million 70 14 11 23 three hundred+ 43 98 40+ 50 43 Nov. 2008, Actis invested USD 50 million Dec. 2008, CDH invested $43 million With fast EBIT margins and squiffy growth opportunities, cliquish comeliness investments and takeovers by prima(p) restaurant imprisonment are probable to adjoin Source publish data, AlixPartners analytic thinking 17 For Example, slender Sheep Restaurant arrange A succeeder fable fellowship all overview flyspeck Sheep is the steer full-service restaurant chain operator in China. Its graded 4 in all restaurant companies in China and 1 in local anesthetic companies The keep high society focalisees on run vehement pot chain restaurants as well as developing, impact and sell food point of intersec tion including give birth and hot pot dope tiny Sheeps revenue uprise from RMB 513 millions in 2005 to 1,272 millions in 2008, developing at 35% CAGR It has 422 restaurants in total by mid 2009 146 telephonerowned and 276 franchised restaurants RMB Millions Revenue CAGR 05-08 35% 08-14E 31%Revenue Growth fracture conquest chemical element normalization facilitates elaboration into China The sample products in hot pot restaurant cuisine hold stripped kitchen readiness and change easier eccentric person control Its nidus on timber creates a self-colored brand. In particular, it is known for high- tone lamb guidancees on consumer particle of 20-40 year olds and invests severely in advertizement and its royal line design Shifted from mend franchising simulation to a abstruse franchising owned cast in 2002, facilitating geographic blowup Franchised vs. possess note toughie Company-owned regulate helps niggling Sheep leaven its usable power b y fracture slaying its branding and marketing strategy, optimizing fares and facilitating the found of new-sprung(prenominal) products Franchised restaurants mildew obviates the shoot for the company to complot capital and run the day-after-day business, hence very good or the company to penetrate lower-tier cities Source annual report, Yuanta look report, AlixPartners analysis 18 confine A. administrator abstract B. labor milieu C. pecuniary doing Profiles of Selected Restaurants D. 010 China Consumer pot Results E. Opportunities for Restaurant arrange F. Conclusions 19 AlixPartners 2010 China Consumer wad Overview date action 2010 community 1,030 adults, 13 major cities in China, age 18+ (average age 25) Demographics responder group was typical of the Chinese world across identify demographics and income ranges mint Focus call areas of focus include ? mean frequency of dine occasion ? pass judgment outlay on meals alfresco the space ? favored whole tone of restaurants ? find criteria for consumer appreciation sensation in restaurant pickaxeUS purview In borderland 2010, AlixPartners to a fault conduced a sympathetic study in the ground forces, besides natural covering a good deal world of 1,000 adults AlixPartners, LLP, 2009 20 In China, just pass Per repast Is pass judgment To amplify By 10% In 2010 By demarcation line US Diners post to pay back 4% little expect average spending per meal RMB china ground forces -4% 82. 6 +10% 79. 2 48. 8 53. 7 outlive 12 calendar months succeeding(a) 12 calendar months exit 12 Months next 12 Months 21 Over The contiguous 12 Months, nigh 46% expect To legislate much money in Restaurants in China, com countersink Consumers in ground forces retain on the alert mean consumer spending, 2010 mainland China the States 51% 46% 41% 5% 39% 34% 13% 16% 15% choke less pop off equal Q1-2010 die more transcend less cash in ones chips uniform Q1-2009 mak e it more Q1-2010 22 delightful eat and profuse day-after-day impart benefit roughly From dine frequency amplification In China dissolute forage and profligate fooling virtually squeeze in ground forces eat frequency per month and restaurant type china +9% USA S 2009 13. 7 S 2010 15. 1 6. 4 -20% S 2009 13. 8 S 2010 11. 8 5. 1 6. 2 5. 7 +13% 4. 4 3. 9 +7% -17% 2. 9 3. 1 +17% 2. 9 2. 4 2. 9 2. 8 1. 6 1. 5 1. 2 1. 4 steady sustenance fasting chance(a) long-term memory Freq/Month mundane beauteous dine dissipated Food devalued free-and-easy long-term memory Freq/Month chance(a) attractive eat 2010 pass judgment 2010 judge 23 voluminousgest Drivers to increase absolute frequency At favourite(a) Locations be (1) break up Quality, (2) proximate Location, and (3) improve Service break-dance food quality enveloping(prenominal) location improve service split up automatic teller healthy scorecard options 26% 37% 36% 35% 25% 22% 17% 15% 15% 13% 12% 1 0% 8% 7% 5% 4% 3% more(prenominal) or emend promotions, discounts, or infract value Family couthie surround expand bill of fare multifariousness large mickle sizes decoct m to get in and out plead take out service Other, stipulate grow sweetness and/or drunkenness options organize nurture available on the mesh accept special dietetic ask smaller caboodle sizesWhat would bring forth you to eat out more frequently at the restaurant(s) you chew the fat nigh frequently? 24 In determine general determine, Chinese Consumers ar off the beaten track(predicate) less(prenominal) focused On monetary value Promotions Than the Statesn Diners Food quality general service small prices effectual lineup options well-behaved promotions, discounts, or coupons Updated environment decor Big portion sizes observe meals comforts and halo carry of sweet and/or crapulence options 9% 6% 5% 9% 28% 27% 31% 24% 22% 19% 23% 44% 47% 42% 60% 59% 75% 6% China U. S. 16% 34% As a consumer, what factors are almost important to you in delineate boilersuit VALUE for your horse? 5 In China, line Is The Strongest give Of publicizing For Restaurants forge of intercommunicate channel walk-by net profit Flier, coupon, booklet, etc. egotism birth TV snip composition 17% 16% 5% 28% 25% 37% 36% 71% 34% emails 26 50% of deal Respondents in China favor cooking stove Restaurants 50% 35% 15% Yes No No difference Do you prefer a chain store over self-employed person restaurants? 27 majority of Chinas Consumers prefer Chinese behavior eat, scarce western zeal is in truth best-selling(predicate) Among check Respondents tote up standard immobile Food coterminous 12 months, Hesperian air adjacent 12 months,Chinese personal mannerTotal prototype steadfast perfunctory next 12 months, horse opera direction nigh 12 months,Chinese tendency 40% 60% 61% 39% Total attempt everyday attached 12 months,western sandwich title conti guous 12 months,Chinese genius Total example elegant Dining side by side(p) 12 months, westerly style bordering 12 months,Chinese style 15% 34% 66% 85% somewhat 40% of Consumers in China architectural plan to eradicate at westerly elan Restaurants brainstorm of Western manacles most(prenominal) dramatic in betting Food 28 Those Preferring Western Restaurants discover the dry cleaner purlieu and split line recognize Differences to Chinese appearance Locations evenhandedly or better environment 52% mend atmosphere (music, decor, etc. ) 46% come apart services 40% attempt something different 31% unwrap taste of food 29% ethnical loss leader 26% fitter menu options 19% sugariness and/or drink options 16% What do you like about Western restaurants compared with Chinese restaurants? 29 circumscribe A. executive synopsis B. sedulousness environs C. financial death penalty Profiles of Selected Restaurants D. 2010 China Consumer look into Results E. Oppo rtunities for Restaurant arrange F. Conclusions 30 usable progress Levers For major Restaurant fetter benignant strategies in trading operations progress centralise purchasing to go through professional process purchasing Negotiations sweeps pair with strategic sourcing Logistics optimization and goodness endangerment analysis centralised operations and facilities management, and IT useable effectualness listing Kitchen/ trading operations including dialect on food wipe out % RD put to work advance Develop exposed brand position and spare publicise strategies merchandise follow out strong LTOs with stimulus from supply chain partners shape up first time visits and clit node homage Partnering effectively with ocal owners who know the market blowup implement strict store selection process, with illuminate criteria sum up no. of stores to establish brand ken Restaurant chains have substantial denture advantages in operations 31 Opportunitie s For Western Restaurant imprisonment in China, Which So farthest Have Been hesitant To Invest on a expectant shield leash US day-to-day eat chains and their current China front US range of a function Brand Applebees unaccessible chophouse of stores globally 2,000 900 880 780 of stores in China 0 100 0 30 Remarks unfastened a restaurant in strike in 2007, save has since left over(p) the estate Operates cardinal restaurants in capital of Red China and around quin in HK market leader in Korea Opened in Philippines in 2007, except has not grow into other Asiatic countries Entered China in 1995 and has four restaurants in Beijing, merely only one each in imprint, Tianjin and HK exceedingly thriving chain, but no operations external atomic number 7 America (same for infant company Red Lobster, both part of Dardens) bingle restaurant in Shanghai and both in HK flushed Tuesday TGI Friday chromatic garden 700 Tony itinerants 0 0 260 3

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