Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Charlie Sheen Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Charlie Sheen - Case Study Example Part B: Personality Charlie Sheen has an extraversion individuality that is indicated by his life that is full of energy and happiness around people and is full of vigor and stamina. This scenario of Charlie Sheen’s individuality is reflected in Sigmund Freud’s theory of Psychoanalysis. This is evident in the case of Charlie Sheen who grew in a family of actors who helped him nurture his career from babyhood. Openness to experience is a cognitive style that differentiates between resourceful people from the introverts. Charlie Sheen as evidenced in this style remarks that his intellectual abilities have a symbolic thinking that is in the form of performance and artistic cognition. The three theories of Freud, Adler and Erikson explain similar behaviors. These occur at birth and up to five years, while Erikson concurs with Freud assumption but suggests that development occur even after infancy. Adler emphasized the quintessence of developing equal interests and the same family structures when raising children. He stated how feeling inferior can affect a person’s self-esteem and can affect a person’s health. He is also of the opinion that a person should have a holistic life that will improve a person’s development. I believe that the MBTI type of Charlie Sheen is that of Extroversion, as characterized by his choices and actions. His upbringing has played a major role in the choice of his career and has used his ego to achieve what and make the choices he has made in life. Charlie Sheen has taken and grown in the culture of the parents having brought up in a family that has long been known for the acting career. He is gifted and a swift thinker as evidenced in his steady growth and success in his media career. He has had Psychosocial Development because... Psychological theories are useful in understanding of personality because one is able to distinguish between dissimilar aspects of personality. One is able to appreciate why an individual behaves the way he does. Psychological theories are vital when bringing up children to help them realize their full latent and advise them accordingly. From the study of these theories, it shows that trust starts at an early stage in life when a child feels that it can stay for some time without the presence of the mother. Every individual has a different personality from another. Finally, the development of one’s behavior that is morally and emotionally squarely lies with the family. A family determines the future of a person by pressing out the positive traits and nurturing them.

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