Thursday, September 12, 2019

Selling product Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Selling product - Assignment Example Other elements such as the size and the aesthetic appearance will also be significant. In addition, the audience has a high level of expertise in making a choice between the different technological devices that are capable of satisfying their needs depending on the wide range of choices in terms of their usage. They have a wide range of experience as they have purchased several phones before in the effort to upgrade the products once they are released into the market. This is becaue their level of prejudice is high and they only go for what works best for them since they need devices that provide convenience as well as an easy mode of communication.    Every day, there is a change in technology that makes everyone want to be in a position to conduct all activities in the comfort of their homes. Latest technology dictates that there should be an improvement on the latest models or products to suit the needs of the customers. This product will not only make it possible to receive information, but also share the fun with friends. The conduction of research and development helps in the production of items that best suit the needs of the market. It thus helps to produce competitive products that are not only acceptable but also preferred in the market.  It is important to perform a lot of research to help in the development of the products to suit the needs of the customers. Despite the fact that it will lead to the increase in prices it will also lead to more sales.  The best technological device or product is that which creates satisfactory feelings in the customer and makes them have convenience when performing different operations. If it also helps them to feel confident and gives a feeling of belonging, then it is the most appropriate product to use. It will be possible to beat all the other related products in the market and attain customer

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