Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The document will be a one-page critical summary of the five (5) Essay

The document will be a one-page critical summary of the five (5) handouts - Essay Example In ‘Man vs Machine’ this debated is also considered, visually indicating the specific elements the man and machine disagree on in terms of what is legitimate. This article indicates the specific parts of the art that have been disagreed upon by the art historian and the machine (namely, the original painting of a number of human figures). Ultimately, it’s clear that the technology is in need of further development, and may always fall short of human conceptual ability. In ‘The Van Gogh Project’ this analysis is furthered in terms of wavelet analysis on Van Gogh paintings. While similar to the previous articles, this article is notable for its potential contribution to art history, as it hints that the computer technology may be able to detect stylistic shifts through the artist’s different periods. The next article examined was ‘‘7: Decimel Numeration and the Place Value System.’ This essay examined the historical nature of a number of mathematical elements, most notable the decimal system as an Indian invention. In these regards, it argues that the question is much more complex than simply being related to the development of a decimal system, but a complex process of evolution. Within this spectrum of development a number of cultural influences are demonstrated to be part of decimal system.

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