Saturday, September 28, 2019

Lab Report (resit) 400 words. 1st question of two Essay

Lab Report (resit) 400 words. 1st question of two - Essay Example One of the parameters for IPAQ is calculation of Resting metabolic rate (RMR), incorporating fraction of inspired O2 and expired CO2 and O2 (2). Understandably, in the given experiment as the metabolic activity increased also did the minute ventilation values. However, in my opinion, the experimental design and statistical analysis need improvement to arrive to any conclusion. In table 1a, for groups 1 and 2 subject characteristics are not defined. The SD values were quite large (> 10% of mean), meaning inconsistency in the values among the subjects. An explanation to this is gender difference in respiratory response during exercise (3), assuming that both males and females are considered as subjects. Besides, moderate/low IPAQ groups are clubbed as one in the statistical treatments but there could be variation between the individual groups as well. Instead of the "t" test, which is the test of significance between a pair, it would have been appropriate to carry out one way-ANOVA. Based on the figure 1, a significant finding is that while in rest or warming up the inhalation of air is nearly similar, but during exercise, eit her the volume of air inhaled, or the number of breaths in low/moderate IPAQ group increases by far that of the high IPAQ group. Hyperventilation is an attribute set by three factors: me

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