Thursday, October 3, 2019

Arthur Millers finest work Essay Example for Free

Arthur Millers finest work Essay The Crucible was written in 1952, and is considered to be Arthur Millers finest work not only because of the captivating story and impressive dramatic techniques but also because of the subtle parallels it draws with the events of the time. In the USA in the 1950s, the country was terrified of communism. This prompted the McCarthy era, in which anyone suspected of holding communist views or sympathies could suffer nasty consequences, including losing their job, or being excluded from certain places. The play is set in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts during the height of the mass hysteria surrounding witchcraft. At the start of act three, Martha Corey is accused of reading fortunes. In this scene, we get a good look at each of the court officials. Both Hathorne and Parris are desperate to be part of the proceedings. Hathorne repeatedly calls for witnesses to be questioned or held in contempt, only to be ignored by Danforth. This shows the audience that Hathornes opinions mean nothing, but it also shows us the power Danforth wields, not only over the population of Salem, but also over his own partners. There are many moments in the play when Hathorne and Parris get ignored or disrespected by Danforth, but early on in act three Hathorne asks Giles Corey Are you gone daft, Corey? Corey replies Youre not a Boston judge yet. Youll not call me daft! This shows the difference in standing between the two men, as Danforth would never stand for being scolded in such a way. Reverend Parris is shown similar disrespect by Danforth, as he is continually interrupted. This is also done by Giles Corey when he cuts Parris off mid-sentence and says I am asked the question, and I am old enough to answer it. This is also the first time in the act we see Hales attitude begin to waver. When Danforth refuses to hear Coreys evidence Hale pleads Excellency, he claims to have hard evidence for his wifes defence. I think that in all justice you must- He is then cut off by Danforth.

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