Monday, October 7, 2019

Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Business Strategy - Essay Example It was through this that Apple Incorporated was finally able to come up with its Mac (Macintosh) product line that started to create a name by itself. Integrated with this product line is an Operating System that also struggled to compete with Microsoft. It was not therefore easy for Apple Incorporated to establish its name due to the fact that its industry is home to fierce competition among its key players. However, as competition continues to grow, Apple Incorporated nowadays is able to come up with different product lines such as iPhones and iTunes, iPad, Apple TV, Xserve, professional software application, Mac OS X and iOS operating systems, and other service and support offerings. This is an indication of a never-ending quest for innovative products that continue to help customers address their needs that can only be found from consumer technology products. Apple Incorporated has correspondingly gained big market share in iPhones. Apple’s market share for smart phones in 2008 was 12.9 percent which eventually what made the company as the third largest manufacturer in the world for the said product line (Marino et al., 2010). In the midst of a very tough competition, everything for Apple Incorporated is a matter of creating a need for its product line. ... Company analysis Today, Apple Incorporated operates globally with its products distributed through out its ‘retail and online stores, direct sales force, third party cellular network carriers, wholesalers, retailers and value-added resellers’ (New York Times, 2011). This implies that Apple is into aggressive marketing efforts prior to achieving its competitive advantage. This is an integral part of a global strategy in which the benefits primarily include economies of scale or product replication, the opportunity to serve global customers, exploiting international resources, and the access and integration of knowledge from multiple locations (Grant, 2010; Johnson et al., 2008). This is a matter of giving more ample opportunities for Apple to discover further competitive strength in its industry through the maximisation of its operation and resources, which eventually needs to be worked out. Global companies are known to diversify their operation and find the right combin ation of resources for their competitive advantage (Feist, 1999). In this way, it is necessary for them to reach certain level of achievement in their industry and that is to go for global strategy. The opportunities are great but there are also corresponding higher risks. Apple Incorporated has remarkably taken different approaches prior to achieving a significant market share and eventually enduring on a very tough competition and risks. In May 2010, Apple Incorporated becomes the world’s most valuable company by outperforming the software giant Microsoft based on its stock value. This is an indication that Apple’s strategic moves have paid off over time and its continuing operation in its industry is a significant

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