Friday, October 4, 2019

Google and Innovation Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Google and Innovation - Term Paper Example Its business model is driven by technology based innovation in the area of internet. Most importantly, its business strategy relies on exploiting the vast opportunities of internet to generate revenues for itself as well as for the users and its clients who vary from individual and small entrepreneurs to large corporate houses. Modern business is highly competitive and its challenges need to be met through constant endeavours for innovative products and services that meet and anticipate the changing requirements of the people. Its numerous products and services vis-a-vis Google Chrome, Google App, AdWords, AdSense etc. are testament to its technological advantage that provide users with unique experience and opportunities to enhance their business goals. Moreover, it serves the interests of diverse populace across the globe by providing contents in more than 160 languages worldwide. It has also established offices in more than 40 countries to facilitate local businesses to exploit bu siness opportunities through internet. This is highly creative strategy that integrates local interests with global ambitions. The local businesses can use GooglePlaces to add their business in the list. Thus, when products are searched area wise from across varying geographical locations, their name along with details like address and phone can be accessed by the potential customers. Answer 2 Organization life cycle of Google’s products/services is seasonal mainly due to the fact that internet usage is reduced in summers and commercial activities significantly increase during the fourth quarter. Vacations and festival season contributes to the seasonality. In recent times, recessive trend has also become critical factor for reduced commercial activities. But despite its seasonality, AdSense, Google App and Android are three major product/services that have witnessed significant increase in terms of global sales volume. Advertising is the main source of revenue generation tha t accounts for 96% of its total revenue3. It also serves as key tool that provides its clients with huge opportunities for growth of business and revenue. AdSense program facilitates websites which are part of Network to efficiently deliver advertisements from AdWords advertisers and revenue shared amongst them. Google App has become hugely popular as its various application tools like email, documents, calendar greatly help to communicate effectively within and across the workplace. Moreover, its cloud based application helps to switch from one medium to another while accessing information. As Google constantly upgrades its products and services, the businesses using its cloud based products and services are not only able to enjoy secured access but they are also not bothered by advancing technology which could have otherwise made it difficult to access data. Android is mobile based platform that can be used to develop applications for mobile devices. Its free open source has made it very popular. Within a year of its launch in 2011 and as on January 2012, more than 250 million mobiles devices were using Android system. Answer 3 The type of control strategy that Google practices is based on decentralized system that gives its employees full freedom to experiment with new ideas within an encouraging environment of constant learning. The decentralized system creates an open environment of trust and accessibility to resources

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