Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Boisterous Badgers Getting To Big For T Essays

Boisterous Badgers Getting To Big For T Essays Boisterous Badgers Getting To Big For T Essays Boisterous Badgers getting to Big for their Boots You lounge lazily at your desk watching the clock hands taunt you as they cluelessly crawl from number to number. All you want is to go home to your inviting, warm, cosy home with a thick juicy steak waiting for your arrival. Once the steak is demolished you can take the weight off your feet by relaxing on your soft sofa with a nice, hot cup of tea. Nevertheless; with tens of thousands of cows dyeing every year due to tuberculosis this may soon not be a reality. Tuberculosis- otherwise known as TB is a bacterial infection being rapidly spread by badgers to cattle and even humans. How can we prevent this you may wonder? The simple solution is Badger culling. Badger culling is a method used in parts of the country to reduce the number of badgers in aid of trying to control the serious spread of the deadly disease tuberculosis. There are many people against the idea of ‘culling badgers’ but the way I see it is that cows give us milk and meat which is produce we can buy, sell, eat and drink while badgers do absolutely nothing for society or the industry; in fact the only thing they appear to be good at is destroying my bleeding garden. Most families drink at least three to four gallons per week, some having there’s delivered to their door while others do the dreaded weekly shop to the stressful supermarket, but at the end of the day the milk all comes from the same place; you’ve got it Sherlock it’s from our cows. The farmer makes his money to support himself and his family by rearing up cattle to either slaughter for meat or use to produce milk. If all it takes is to kill the boring badgers helping us in no way whatsoever why would we sacrifice our cows. Another thing we must think about is if all the cows do die then the fearful farmers will not be making any money consequently he or she will be out of a job, which may lead to them selling their house and moving to the city to come for all of our jobs. Following on from that point; if they do unfortunately lose their home, the council will be coming for all of our money by raising the tax to support them. Is this what you really want for you and your

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