Friday, October 18, 2019

Business 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business 4 - Essay Example The article also notes that key to using all the above powers is by sing them ethnically. This means that carefully applicability of powers where is does not oppress the powerless is welcome. Similarly, the article notes that personal power is negative while social power is positive. This implies that exercising individual power does not do good to serve the interest of the followers but instead portray those in power as authoritative and serving self-interest. Hence, those who best enjoy the power are those with social power. It works in favor of the followers contrary to satisfying the individual interest. The negativity of the personal power comes because it serves the interest of the holder at the expense of the majority. Because of all these, the article notes that power has a role to play in aligning the followers towards the mission they are expected to accomplish. Hence, the functional power sources includes control of critical resources as well as strategic contingencies. Moreover, the article shows that recognizing the symbols of both power and powerless is essential in diagnostic skills for managers. As a manager, one is expected to pay attentive to the subordinate or the followers by understanding their needs. This is important because it eases the administration duties and leading the mass. Similarly, recognizing followers and understanding their needs helps in building political skills that a leader or the person in power can use towards influencing them. Additionally, most organizations striving to excel have organizational politics that have become part of work life. Some portray political behaviors, which comprises of actions not sanctioned to influence others for personal goals. Therefore, it is the duty of a manager-to-manage organizational politics so that it does not derail the good work done by others who are focused and

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