Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Turning Point of Tet 1968 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Turning Point of Tet 1968 - Essay Example Startled at such an unexpected idea, I felt uncomfortable and I began thinking of declining the proposed agreement to appoint me for the post yet seeing that it would be an awkward moment to do so and that the majority are not quite drawn to encourage someone else for it, I gave in. In the process, however, I discovered that the type of work assigned to me allowed flexibility that if I knew how to manage time and energy wisely, I could adjust my level of productivity within a range of efficiencies depending on the work amount, my available relevant skills, as well as my ability to delegate tasks to others. This is the point at which I recognized having the capacity to think strategically. Even with my current non-military organization, knowing that everybody is focused on individual assignments and that my fellow teammates normally maintain a passive attitude in examining my activities, I gain the leverage of controlling my behavior toward workload. By ‘strategic thinking’, I could execute around the essentials of concentrating my efforts on situations that call for my knowledge and capability at the optimum so that the fulfilment I earn would serve as my drive for the next projects. In this manner, I often yield the chance of being able to reserve time and energy on human relations which enable me to address general interests and win the confidence of many to whom I have been able to delegate some jobs. Due to the bond of trust established, it becomes much easier to communicate with people and have them naturally seek grounds for understanding schemes for the committee which I carry out under my own terms. Moreover, I could detect strategic thinking in the course of spontaneously developing the trait of ignoring negative impressions attached with temporary unpleasant acts or intentions. With your own understanding of what cooperation and support you need from others involved, what do you need from others in their roles to accomplish your own work

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